Addiction Intervention

Addiction is a severe disease that not only affects you but affects your family. Addiction consumes our daily functioning. Do you struggle to be alone? Do you struggle to interact with your family? Are drugs taking you away from family activities? Are you struggling with trauma? There can be many reasons why we use drugs, but there are many reasons why we should change our behaviors. 

I thought for the longest time that I was alone in my addiction. This was not the case; I had an army of friends and family rooting for me. Has your family tried an intervention? Mine did, and it was the best thing that could have happened. I am here sober and clean because of their intervention. 

Many different types of interventions are out there in the world. For me, I had to choose the one that best fits me. If you are struggling and unsure what types of interventions there are, I will explain a few in this article. Find the one that best fits you and your family, push forward, and gain the stability to say I am sober. 

The first intervention that I am going to talk about is detox programs. These can be done in a hospital, inpatient, or outpatient rehab. Know that detoxing is just the beginning of the process. The following intervention that can be done is counseling. I know I had to deal with the trauma I endured as a child. Some forms of counseling that worked for me were cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Another intervention is medication. Several different forms of medication could work for you. Speak with a Dr. and start the process. Just because we must use medication does not mean we are not sober. Please do not let that stop you from seeking the help that you need. Lastly, how about a support group? Today there are several different ones from narcotics anonymous, alcoholics anonymous, SMART, and celebrate recovery. Please find a group that will work for you. 

Written By: Melissa Pena