Five Myths About Alcohol Abuse

Overcoming alcohol abuse through recovery is a life changing journey many people embark on to gain their life back.

Following an alcohol recovery program requires a lot of motivation and inspiration.

It may seem hard at first but it results in a better and more positive lifestyle. Unfortunately though, there are a lot of myths that have been attached to the term recovery, treatment and the overall goal of overcoming substance abuse.

You Just Have To Say No To Overcome Alcohol Abuse

Many people believe that recovery is simply a matter of willpower. It is very difficult to say no to alcohol after saying yes to it for so many years. However, being so accepting of alcohol has led people to recovery. Allowing alcohol to become a grand part of your life leads to a lot of psychological damage that is tough to overcome. It takes a lot more than a simple two-letter word to fight the lust and temptation alcohol creates. It’s about understanding how you got to recovery, recognizing it has taken over your life and knowing that you are better than the situation it has created led you to.

You Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before You Can Win Against Alcohol Abuse

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of seeking recovery from alcohol abuse. You never have to hit rock bottom to consider recovery. In fact, people who consciously decide to seek treatment before hitting rock bottom find the most success. Recovery can begin in any point of your addiction, whether you are in its initial stages or you did hit rock bottom. The longer you deny you have a problem the harder it is for you going to get sober. Nobody wants to hit rock bottom, anybody who has been there will urge you to avoid it all costs.

Treatment Didn’t Work the First Time and You Still Abuse Alcohol So Why Try It Again?

The old cliché states that “The third time is a charm.” In recovery, it may be the fourth, fifth or even tenth until it is a charm. Recovery from alcohol abuse is a journey. You will need to take a lot of small steps to become sober. Just because people relapse it does not mean that treatment is failing. You are actively deciding to make your life better when you chose to go to a treatment center. People who go through relapse are not failures by any means. They are survivors. They repeatedly conquer temptation and discover better ways of treatment.

Hearing these myths about drug abuse should not hinder your thoughts on going through recovery. They are myths for a reason. Realizing you may need help is a great beginning and there is no myth out there that is true to stop you from gaining your life back. You are in control of your life and the decisions you make should all be positive. If you are seeking options for treatment or need help, look for the halfway house nearest you or drug treatment center near you.