Detoxing from Drug Addiction

When I hear the word detox, I remember the multiple times I tried to get clean from methamphetamine. The walk to get off any drug is different per person. Detoxing not only causes acute symptoms an individual will have post-acute symptoms. Please remember that there are facilities that will help you start the walk of recovery. At times, the detoxing process cannot begin without a facility.

For myself, I decided that I wanted to start detoxing at home, and the first few times, it was a failure. The withdrawal symptoms were terrible, and I felt like I was dying. I had become a 24-year habit of multiple types of drugs. The one drug that held on for a long time was methamphetamine. Finally, in October 2014, I decided this was the time and would fight for my life.

Coming down at home was the worse feeling. I can remember the pain I felt. I can remember yelling at my kids and treating them terribly. Some acute symptoms I experienced were fatigue, bad irritability, and lack of energy. I can remember just wanting to get up and feel normal. I now felt like death and wondered how long these effects would last. I went from an addict with no sleep to a hypersomnia person. I was oversleeping and lacking any hydration or food. Today, if I had to redo this walk, I would have checked myself into a facility to help with these acute symptoms.

I still have post-acute symptoms today, but I would not change my life for anything. Today, I struggle with depression, anxiety, and mood swings. I also look at myself and hate the weight I have gained, but on the other side of the weight gain, I am now a much healthier person. I am more beneficial for myself and my children.

Just know that if you are struggling, there is help, and you do not have to do detoxing as I did. Find you an inpatient facility and make the change. Recovery has a much more peaceful mindset.

If you or someone you know needs a drug detox facility or interested in detoxing, please visit for all your addiction recovery resources.

Written by: Melissa Pena