Addiction Recovery Centers

Are you struggling with your recovery? Let me say there are several options for you if you struggle at home. There are rehabs, sober living, and detox facilities. I want to speak to you first about the drug treatment facility I personally attended. The facility is a residential treatment program.

In this program, they offer up two men’s homes and one for females. While this program requires 90 days, the clients are welcome to stay longer. The facility works through a level program that starts at level one and continues through level four. The program facility offers a 12-step program that is located on-site. Each occupant is required to do chores and attend all meetings. Once a month, they have a guest speaker who shares their testimony so that residents can see what they can look forward to. Residents are also encouraged to look for a job with the help of the facility.

This specific facility has two specific goals.

  • To teach our clients how to get sober.
  • To teach our clients how to be financially and emotionally independent.

I reached out to a previous client and asked what they learned by attending addiction rehab.

Per Client:

This facility saved my life. I do not know where I would be had I not stepped through the doors of this inpatient addiction rehab. I learned that all my bad decisions were my fault and not others. I started to see how the cycle of drug abuse kept starting over and getting worse each time. I learned how to make amends for the hurt I have done. I also was able to find God.

Please, if you are looking for help, please find help at an addiction treatment facility. You deserve to live a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Written by: Melissa Pena