Understand Chronic Drug Relapse Triggers and How to Avoid Relapse

You may long to say that you ended up getting off drugs, but the fact is that as of right now you are still addicted to drugs.

The desire to be free is brewing inside of you more and more, but you have to avoid chronic drug relapse.

Unless you want to deal with some kind of flashback, that causes a relapse and you revert to your old ways, you should be aware of many of the common relapse triggers and how to fight them. Statistics show that 60 to 90 percent of people who are addicted to drugs revert back after a period of recovery. This could be very scary, specifically for those who are truly hoping to give up what they are addicted to. One way to prevent relapses would be to recognize common triggers.

It is crucial that you control a variety of emotions if you wish to avoid drug relapse.

Emotional distress is probably the main reason people relapse. Mental distress can include anxiety, worry, heartbreak, or other forms connected with emotional turmoil. Drugs usually are used to cope with emotions, which makes the connection between the two noticeable. Find ways to deal with your feelings differently, such as talking to a support group. Hanging with buddies who remind you of your respective drug use could also be difficult. You should also stay away from places this remind you of your substance days. You will need to cut these kinds of locations or people from your life until you are in power over your sobriety. Another thing to think about is having unrealistic expectations. Many individuals with drug problems usually think that life will improve from not having drugs. This is not the case due to the fact life will always be bittersweet without or with drugs. It is important to be realistic of what you expect from being “dry”. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the actual relapse triggers that you should worry about. You may talk to your drug rehabilitation professional(s) to help you cope with what you might be dealing with.

How to combat these persistent urges to relapse back to a drug or old behavior

There is a whole lot that you can do to fight these types of urges, from avoiding certain places, to inpatient rehab, to alternative drug treatment. Many experts believe the best thing you can do is escape the entire life you are currently living. This is why alternative drug treatment is one of the best ways of combating addiction,in addition to finding your triggers.

Alternative drug treatment usually means that you take yourself from your home and keep recovering at a treatment center for quite a while.

These centers become your real house until you are able to let go of your current addiction. There are trained psychotherapist to help you deal with emotional sparks that might set you off, as well as others dealing with the chemical addiction that can help guide you. Right now there may even be a holistic method of dealing with your urges that can advance you toward recovery quickly. Fighting addictive drugs is more about repairing your own emotional state than just avoiding external things and people and events.

A great thing about centers that take a person away from the home is they permit you to really focus on dealing with your own personal addiction to cure chronic relapse. All other distractions tend to be removed, maybe for the first time in your life, and you can start to think clearly without them and prevent drug relapse to overcome addiction.