Why Luxury Rehabs are Worth the Cost

In order to effectively treat an addiction, rehab is an absolutely integral part of the equation. There is a wide range of rehab facilities available, and patients can attend inexpensive centers as well as luxury facilities that strive to erase the sterile hospital settings of drug rehab centers from the past. When budget allows, or health insurance coverage permits, upgrading to a luxury rehab may well be worth the cost for a number of personal and medical reasons.

Prospective Patients are More Likely to Show Up

Arguably the hardest part about addiction treatment is taking the first step and showing up. If patients aren’t looking forward to rehab, and they are stressed about the level of care or comfort that will be available, there’s a good chance that they won’t show up at all. When prospective patients know they will be arriving at an upscale, luxury rehab, they may not only want to complete the program, but they could even look forward to it and treat it like an upcoming vacation. Motivation can play a major role in addiction treatment.

Patients Will Receive Individualized Care and Treatment

One of the biggest benefits of attending a luxury rehab is having a much better staff-to-patient ratio. The higher costs of luxury rehab mean that the facilities can afford to hire more staff to treat and care for patients.

In the treatment of addiction, individualized care and treatment plans are important. No two patients will have the same addiction history, medical background or mental health, and a treatment plan should be adjusted to take these factors into account. More staff allows for a more personal approach to recovery and the opportunity to get to know patients individually rather than just as a name or number on a list.

Comfort Equates to Better Sleep and Peace of Mind

Sleep is a pillar of wellness, but it’s often elusive for patients in rehab. This is partly because withdrawal and the initial stages of rehab can make insomnia more common. However, it can also be a result of living in new quarters or sharing a room with someone.

In a luxury rehab, private accommodation is more common, which is a tremendous advantage to many patients. In addition, the quality of furnishings and environment is typically far better, making it easier to experience a better quality of sleep that can help with recovery and overall health.

Best Possible Staff are on Call to Help Patients

In the vast majority of rehab centers, whatever their cost, the staff are committed to the recovery and well being of their patients. That being said, the staff employed at luxury rehab centers tend to have higher salaries, which means that the centers themselves can pick from the very best employees in the field.

This starts with having the best physicians on call to help in emergency medical situations, and this could potentially be the difference between an easily-resolved health issue and a major problem with lasting effects. It also means that luxury rehab centers are likely to employ well-trained nurses, pharmacists and counselors that have significant experience in treating addiction. Aside from having excellent medical professionals on staff, luxury rehab centers will have competent and friendly housekeeping staff, chefs and fitness trainers to deliver the best of everything to their patients.

Boredom Mitigated Through Upscale Amenities

Boredom is often called the enemy of sobriety. When patients are bored or lonely, it’s not unusual for them to reminisce about the past, and that past often includes the use and abuse of dangerous substances. In luxury rehabs, there are far fewer opportunities to get bored, thanks to a range of upscale amenities.

Patients may be able to unwind at the end of the day with a massage, or they could swim a few lengths in a scenic swimming pool. Luxury rehab might offer nutritional therapy and the chance to learn how to cook with a top chef, or it might encourage patients to stroll through the grounds and enjoy the nice weather.

Perhaps most importantly, luxury rehab typically has the facilities to encourage physical therapies that can work to combat addiction. Yoga therapy, hiking therapy and running therapy have all been shown to be effective in helping patients feel more confident and more aware of themselves and their bodies. Developing new skills, and staying active, also has the potential to stimulate endorphins, helping patients experience positive moods and a healthy, natural high without the need for illicit substances.

Benefits of Beautiful Surroundings

A common trend among luxury rehabs is being located in particularly beautiful locations. It’s also typical for these facilities to be in environments where winter is mild, if present at all, offering patients sunny skies and warmth throughout the year. While this may not be integral to rehab and addiction treatment, it can certainly play a significant role in helping patients.

Beautiful surroundings, and seclusion, can encourage patients to spend time outside. This provides patients with Vitamin D, which is proven to help combat depression, a common side effect of withdrawing from both drugs and alcohol. Being active outdoors can also boost physical fitness and mental clarity, both of which are crucial to overall health and wellness.

Greater Privacy and Confidentiality for Patients

Privacy is a primary concern for patients who enroll in rehab facilities, and confidentiality between medical professionals and their patients should be a given no matter what the setting. However, there’s no question that there may be a greater emphasis on privacy in luxury rehabs. Many of the attendees of these more expensive facilities have a desire to keep their whereabouts private, so it may be a bigger concern to staff, administrators and other patients.

Rehab is one of the keys to successfully recovering from an addiction and maintaining sobriety over the long term. Luxury rehabs, in particular, can be effective thanks to comfortable accommodation, individualized treatment for patients and upscale amenities to encourage activity and mitigate boredom. Luxury rehab will cost more for patients, but that expense may be worth the upgraded experience during recovery.