Drug & Alcohol Rehab with Humana Insurance

Drug & Alcohol Rehab with Humana Insurance

Deciding to take the first step toward recovery through drug and alcohol rehab is an important milestone, and one that should be applauded. Sadly, however, a staggering number of individuals decide against this treatment because they are worried about things like cost and insurance acceptance. For those with Humana health insurance, there are a number of options available. Understanding more about rehab and insurance coverage can make it easier for prospective patients to commit to recovery.

The Role of the ACA on Health Insurance and Rehab

Before diving into the specifics of what a Humana health insurance policy might cover, it is important to understand how the Affordable Care Act has changed rehab coverage across the board. The Affordable Care Act, better known as the ACA, mandates that all health insurance providers offer minimum benefits to their policyholders. This impacts things like the treatment of addiction as a disease, no discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, and a mandatory minimum level of rehab support and payment.

For individuals struggling with addiction who want to seek help, the ACA has made things much easier than ever before. To start, Humana can’t deny any patients rehabilitation treatment. Substance abuse is now legally defined as an illness, and it has to be treated in the same way that a diagnosis of heart disease or asthma might be.

In addition, patients who have already struggled with addiction in the past can’t be denied more treatment because of a so-called pre-existing condition. These same patients can’t be denied health insurance from Humana, or from any other provider, just because they have a history of addiction or any other physical or mental health problems.

The ACA has forced the answer to the question of whether a Humana health insurance policy will cover rehab. In short, the answer is now a resounding yes. Of course, there are limitations on what kind of coverage is available, and those details will depend on the individual health insurance policy.

Individual Humana Health Insurance Policies

Health insurance policies from Humana can vary significantly, and each will have different limitations and restrictions on what kind of addiction treatment is covered and what isn’t. Things like duration, network and deductible are the three main things to keep in mind.

The first is duration, and that is important to consider because it can impact the kind of rehab patients seek. In some cases, a Humana health insurance policy will clearly state that it will cover up to 21, 30 or 60 days of rehab. In other cases, a policy will cover 100 percent of outpatient programs, but only 60 percent of inpatient programs. Learning the specifics of an individual policy can make it easier to select the right rehab program.

Network refers to the range of suppliers that are accepted by or compatible with the insurance provider, which in this case would be Humana. Some policies specifically cover only rehab providers that are within their network. Alternatively, they may only reimburse patients for completed out-of-network programs after the fact, or they may cover only a set percentage of total costs.

Finally, deductible is a crucial element in determining coverage eligibility for drug & alcohol rehab with Humana insurance. The deductible is the amount that policyholders will pay before coverage can begin. This deductible is clearly stated for every individual Humana health insurance policy, and it typically ranges from $0 to $5,000. In some cases, patients will need to pay the amount of the deductible before rehab coverage kicks in.

Type of Rehab Program May Impact Coverage

While most prospective patients look specifically at the Humana health insurance policy when determining eligibility for rehab coverage, it is just as important to take a look at the specific type of rehab program. After all, rehab programs for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction can vary in terms of cost, luxury, duration and method.

Often, Humana and other major health insurance providers only cover rehab when it is offered at an accredited facility. Programs that are verified by the Joint Commission, in particular, meet the high standards set by most health insurance companies.

It is also common for individual health insurance policies to stipulate that rehab must be a certain type of program in order to be covered. Often, policies only cover outpatient rehab. This is because inpatient or residential care is often more expensive, thanks to the additional costs of accommodation for patients.

Paying for What Humana Insurance Won’t

Even if Humana health insurance policies can’t cover the full cost of a specific drug and alcohol addiction program, there are still ways to get the necessary help for sobriety. Many patients seek out loans from friends or family members, and even banks offer specific treatment loans for those in need of rehab. Prospective patients should also ask rehab facilities what opportunities they offer, since many programs will allow patients to pay in installments, receive need-based scholarships or offer in-house financing options.

Verifying Humana Coverage for a Specific Rehab Program

Ultimately, coverage can’t be guaranteed until prospective patients have looked at their individual policy, spoken with representatives of the health insurance company and also contacted the rehab provider. It is always important to verify and confirm coverage before enrolling in a rehab program. By guaranteeing a minimum level of coverage up front, patients can focus on their recovery rather than their finances.

Once coverage from Humana is confirmed, it is time to prepare for rehab. In some cases, patients will begin with a drug or alcohol detox program before moving to a formal rehab facility. In other instances, these two services may be provided together in a single facility.

Thanks in large part to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, drug and alcohol rehab is now a standard feature of health insurance coverage from Humana and other health insurance providers. Since there are so many variables with individual policies, it is important to take a look and see what is covered with regard to rehab type, duration of treatment and network.