Do Your Part on Social Distancing

Social distancing is now part of our normal lives and rightfully slow. In countries around the world, social distancing has been proven to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In fact, the following article states that “The Wyoming researchers estimated that current social distancing measures will reduce the average contact rate among individuals by 38%.” Read more here:

I have traveled outside my home for essentials and know that people do not always abide by social distancing standards. That is why I have created this device to remind people.

SpaceAlarm™ is a small flashing light you clip on to remind others to keep their distance from you. It alerts others they are TOO CLOSE. Help you protect yourself, your loved ones and your community by getting yours today at

As an added bonus, when you buy a SpaceAlarm,™ a dollar of each sale goes to the American Nurses Foundation.