Addiction Vs. Recovery

recovery road

How did you realize you were an addict? I met a game warden who searched my car. His words were to tell my dealer to stop selling me drugs, or I would lose everything I worked for. A year later, I was in the process of losing my home, my car was undrivable, CPS was…

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Addiction and its Effects on Pregnancy

addiction and pregnancy

When I was pregnant the last time, I was in a full-blown addiction. I was more worried about getting my next fix than the unborn child in my stomach. I was in a self-destructive mode and was not concerned with the growing baby. I had no idea what my addiction was causing my unborn baby.…

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Homelessness and Addiction

Today we are going to talk about how homelessness affects people with addiction. I have been a part of this stage of my life just as crowds of people in this world. It is really a tough situation especially when your mental stage of life is gone. A lot of times it starts at childhood…

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