New Year, New You!

Did you bring in the New Year sober or addicted? This year I brought in the New Year sober and with my kids. Enjoying these little moments was the most breathtaking experience. Let me stop and say addiction ate up my life. My addiction caused me to miss holidays, school events, doctor appointments, and days of laughter with my family. Addiction has a way of destroying your life and those around you.

Let me say this if you are stuck in the depth of addiction; there is help for you. I can say that I first got sober and spent my first nine months of recovery stuck in my home. I was afraid to leave my house, worried I might run into an old buddy, and my daily anxiety was unbelievable. How would I ever bring in a New Year and enjoy what I once lost?

After struggling for nine months and being a dry drunk, I climbed out of my hole and went to Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Recovery is where I found myself and realized I was not walking this walk alone. For the longest, I believed there was no help. Know there is help, and we want to walk this thing we call recovery with you.

At Celebrate Recovery, I found a place that I call home. I feel welcomed, I found my forever family, and I am loved and supported. I now realize that I am not tied down to a title as an addict. My title at Celebrate Recovery is “my name is Melissa, and I am in recovery for drug addiction and alcoholism, and I struggle with depression and codependency. Do you know how great it feels not to be tied down by a title or walk alone?

If you are still struggling with addiction of any form or any hurt, habit, or hang-up, I recommend you look up Celebrate Recovery; thousands are located all over the United States. Please do not sit another day tied down to the addiction that is taking you away from your family. Your family loves you too much to watch you suffer another day.

Written by: Melissa Pena